You may be searching for your new home right now in Mandan, ND, typing “waterfront property Mandan ND” into Google, looking for the real estate of your dreams. River or lakefront property is a life goal for a lot of people. Direct access to water can allow for fun activities and a peaceful sense of being not easily found in a traditional building tract. However, with those benefits comes some struggles that every homebuyer should know about before committing to a waterfront property.

  • What Are The Homeowners’ Associations Like?

    There may be a homeowners association attached to your potential waterfront property. These groups often help preserve the aesthetics of the neighborhood and build a community; however, they can also have fees associated with them. Know in advance what HOA’s are active in the area you’re searching. Often, real estate agents are an excellent resource for this information.


  • Are Their Building Restrictions?

    Often houses by bodies of water have stricter building restrictions. This can be managed by the community you are moving into or the town itself. Waterfront property Mandan ND has a lot of variety, whether you’re looking for property on the Missouri River or the Heart River, you might not be able to add a second story to your property once you buy it.


  • Do You Need Flood Insurance?

    Many people forget that the area around most rivers and lakes tend to serve as a floodplain. When you dream of yourself jet skiing down the river, make sure to remember that you might need to invest in a decent sump pump and good flood coverage. This is another area where a knowledgeable real estate agent can help you find the right house for you, not just someone near the water.

When you start that search for your dream home, it makes sense to invest some time in finding the right realtors. In a recent poll, 78% of new homebuyers felt their real estate agent was a useful source of information. When it comes to tricky properties like “waterfront property Mandan ND” another effective google search would be “find a realtor Mandan ND”, a professional who can help you navigate the different struggles that come with finding the perfect home.

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