Many Americans dedicate their real estate search to finding a home for sale that’s near their workplace. According to Trulia, short commute times are second only to crime rate when it comes down to where homebuyers are willing to put down roots.

But not all homebuyers are the same. In fact, some Americans are willing to commute several hours to their workplace every day if it means they get to live in a neighborhood they love.

So what makes a neighborhood worth a three-hour commute?

Neighborhoods Worth Commuting For
When it comes down to it, the neighborhood you live in is just as important as the home you choose to buy. You can always fix up a home and get new appliances. But it can take years of community involvement to fix up a neighborhood.

That said, what is it about a neighborhood that can make someone feel a lengthy commute is worth is it? As it turns out, several things:

  1. You already know the area
    One reason a homebuyer may choose a lengthy commute is that they already know the area where they plan to buy their house. If you grew up in the area, you know everything there is to know about the restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment, school district, and neighborhood functions.
  2. You’re not a fan of the suburbs or city
     Another good reason to commute is that the neighborhood you’ve chosen is quaint and quiet. The suburbs can have a slower pace, which may not work for some families. But city life can have too much hustle and bustle for kids. A quiet neighborhood between the two can make a family feel safe and at home.
  3. You like to stay active
    Some homebuyers may choose to live in a neighborhood where they can commute by foot. It can be a good idea to jog to work every day to get in your cardio before hitting the desk. Just be sure to carry with you a change of clothes and extra deodorant!

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