When it comes to finding the right home, many homebuyers tend to focus on the house. It makes sense to want to experience the most of your future happiness while you’re at home, but it’s also important to consider where you’ll be when you leave the house, too.

It’s all too easy to forget to consider the entire neighborhood you’d be moving to when you’re looking for a new house. With a nationwide shortage of houses, buyers tend to grab their dream houses first and check out the neighborhood later.

To keep you from experiencing neighborhood regret, here are a few ways you can avoid it in the first place.

Prioritize the atmosphere of your neighborhood

The reason why it’s so easy to forget about the neighborhood when looking for a new house is that the neighborhood vibe isn’t often prioritized like the rest of your “must haves.”

That said, the only solution is to make it a priority. Think about your dream neighborhood.

Does it have a lot of entertainment? Is it walkable? With these questions in mind, screen different neighborhoods to find the ones you like the most.

Check out the area in person

It’s one thing to read about an area and another thing to experience it as if you lived there. If walkability was a big priority for your dream neighborhood, have a stroll around the block to see if it’s really up to your standards.

You’ll feel more secure knowing you’ve checked out the area yourself when you make a deal on a house than if you only looked it up online. Still, don’t forgo your online analysis just because you walked around the area. Online research can give you different opinions, crime rates, and school ratings.

Where can I find a real estate agent near me?

Up to 88% of home buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent in 2014, a 69% jump from nearly 20 years ago. That’s because realtors can help you find the real estate property of your dreams in an area you love.

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