just listed homes for saleSummer is one of the best times of the year to explore new neighborhoods and see what they have to offer. But before you start to seriously search for just listed homes for sale in your area, it’s essential to first understand what the current housing market is like for potential buyers.

This is especially important if you’re one of the 32% home buyers looking to purchase a house for the first time. To help you get the most out of the housing market this summer, here are a few tips to consider.

  1. Get to know your potential neighborhood. It can be tempting to swoop in and buy an available property during the summer when everything looks lush and welcoming. But it’s important to first scout the neighborhood prior to making an offer. Although it’s currently a seller’s market, you want to be sure the house you choose is in a neighborhood you’re willing to live in for several years.
  2. Think about a fixer-upper. Housing renovations are currently all the rage, namely because remodels allow you to make a house truly your own. It may be worth considering a fixer-upper in such a competitive housing market if you can’t quite find your dream home. If you aren’t up for remodeling an entire house, consider homes that need some small fixes you’re willing to take on.
  3. Make your best offer. Today’s housing market is highly competitive, which means low-balling your offer isn’t the best idea. Instead, come in strong and give your best and highest offer. You may not know it, but your offer could be the highest one the seller has yet to see.
  4. Don’t assume older listings are off the table. Just listed homes for sale may be your ideal choice when it comes to house hunting in a seller’s market. But houses that have been on the market for longer can still be good choices. In some cases, houses may end up on the market for longer because potential buyers got cold feet or because the home was priced too high to begin with. That said, don’t discount older listings. One could just be your dream home.

It can be challenging to find just listed homes for sale in your area that meet your wants and your needs. Real estate agents have professional experience to help you find just listed homes for sale to make everyone in your family happy. To learn more about houses for sale in Bismarck ND or Mandan, contact Integra Realty Group today.

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