houses for saleIt can be challenging to time your housing search perfectly, and sometimes even the best of us are caught hunting in a seller’s market. However, a little bit of competition shouldn’t stop you from finding the home of your dreams.

Consider the following ways you can avoid falling into a real estate trap when the housing market is hot and the competition for your dream home is borderline olympic.

  1. Don’t ignore the market
    It’s true the real estate market can feel unpredictable, but it’s a bad idea to ignore it. Current market trends and neighborhood information can tell you a lot about what to expect when you search for houses for sale. Consider doing a realistic evaluation of your future in the next five to 10 years so you can gauge an adequate price range and housing size. Then talk to your real estate agent for more information about marketing changes in the neighborhood prior to making any decisions.
  2. Don’t forgo a real estate agent
    Some homebuyers believe they can navigate the real estate market without a realtor. While it may be possible, it can be a struggle to navigate a hot real estate market without any professional assistance. Up to 78% of recent homebuyers report that their own realtors were useful sources of information. This means not only can real estate agents help you find the home of your dreams but they can also help you make strategic decisions.
  3. Don’t hesitate
    Great properties come and go in a hot real estate market. For this reason, you need to make sure your loan approval is up to date, your paperwork is in order before you even view a home. If you’re going to an open house, be sure you’re ready to put in an offer the day of the viewing. This is because, if you hesitate for more than a day on a house you love, there’s a good chance it’ll already be sold to another buyer by the time you put in an offer.

It can be a challenge to find houses for sale you can appreciate without them being snatched by other buyers in a hot real estate market. Fortunately, the real estate agents of Integra Realty Group can help you find and put in the best offer possible on the Mandan or Bismarck real estate you love. Contact the realtors at Integra Real Estate today for more information.

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