find a realtorWhen the time comes for you to list your home for sale, there are certain factors that can put your house on the map and others that can leave buyers looking the other way. From selling your home on your own to having unrealistic expectations, there are many mistakes sellers make that can keep a sale from going through.

To help keep you from making those same mistakes yourself when listing your home, here are a few selling strategies worth considering.

Don’t try to go it alone

Some sellers believe it’s a good idea to cut out the middleman and sell their homes themselves. But there’s a good reason why the middleman is there.

Sellers don’t have the expertise that a broker has. You also don’t have access to many different listing services that can make your home visible to potential buyers.

What’s more, when you list your home as FSBO (for sale by owner), you’re not the only one expecting to save money on commission. Buyers are also expecting the same thing. The result is the seller will actually make less money on their house than if they used a real estate agent to start with.

Don’t overprice your home

When selling your home, it isn’t worth pouring money into renovations even if 54% of buyers are willing to pay more for hardwood floors. You may not get all the money you spent on these renovations back once it’s time to sell.

What’s more, not all upgrades have the same return on investment. The ROI of a minor kitchen remodel is often more than the ROI of an outdoor pool.

Talk to your real estate agent about comparable data in your local market. It’s best to price your home around similar price points in your neighborhood to keep your house from sitting on the market.

Don’t automatically refuse the first offer you receive

Sometimes the first offer you receive isn’t very high. But every offer you receive is negotiable.

Consider any offer you receive, even if it’s the first one, as a starting point and go from there until you’re able to reach a value that works for both you and the buyer.

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