homes for saleWhen it comes to real estate, many potential home buyers know what to look for in the fine details. For instance, they know how many bedrooms they’d like and what floorplan they don’t like.

However, the outside of a home can mean just as much to a home buyer as the inside. Many home buyers search for their dream home with a particular architectural style in mind.

But what are the different architectural styles of American homes? And what can the style tell you about the homes for sale themselves?

The Different Architectural Styles Of The American Home
Up to 44% of all home buyers will look for homes for sale online. Images of the home can instantly tell you the style and, in some cases, the year it was built. But for someone who isn’t as historically-inclined, how can you tell the difference between architectural styles?

Consider the following common architectural styles you might see while searching for homes for sale in Bismarck ND or Mandan ND.

    1. Mid-Century Modern
      Mid-century modern is a style that evolved out of World War II. Characterized by changes in elevation, large windows, open space, and flat planes, mid-century modern style homes are innovative and simple. They were designed to blend in well with nature and to urge homeowners to engage with the world around them. This style of architecture was most popular between 1945 and 1980.


    1. Victorian
      Victorian is a style that makes up in height for what it lacks in width. These homes were most popular between 1830 and 1910. These ornate homes combine Gothic architecture with details of French, Italian, Egyptian, and Tudor homes. Typically two or three stories tall, a Victorian home can be characterized by its towers, one-story porch, steep rooflines, decorative trim, bay windows, and asymmetrical shape.


  1. Spanish Style
    Spanish style homes were most popular between 1895 and 1910. Spanish, mission-style homes, in particular, are best characterized by their thick walls, exposed beams, small windows, and rustic interiors. Additional characteristics include clay tile roofs, quatrefoil windows, hallways with arches, and bell towers.

Whether you prefer a Spanish revival home or a Victorian, a realtor can help you find the home of your dreams. For more information on Mandan and Bismarck real estate, contact Integra Realty Group today.

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